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The Cloud Database Advantage with lnc on AWS

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Any relational Databases can be complex in nature to support when we are talking about high availability.

It's Expensive and complex to manage administrative functions Including regular patching cycles, performance optimization and backup and disaster recovery - all for constantly changing environments.

Need of the hour is to automate time consuming administrative task to save time and focus on differentiation to improve business. In addition to this Customers today are not ready to wait and need everything on the Go. Let it be high availability and disaster recovery across multiple datacenters with a Single API Call or Click of a button, you could leverage enterprise level scalability and durability - even if you are a small startup!.

Loadncode Cloud solutions team prepares database solutions for our customers on cloud keeping in mind following below given advantage points.

  • Easy of Administration

  • Availability & Durability

  • Scalability

  • Fast and Secure

As Amazon partners Loadncode AWS Cloud solutions team delivered all advantage points giving every business customer a leap before time.

Loadncode being a Partner with AWS have Small, Medium and Large business enterprise client taking benefit of advantage points.

Administration Services by lnc for AWS

  • Single Console and API for managing all your relational databases

  • Hardware provisioning, patching, backup / restore, scaling and high availability with few button click

  • Security and Monitoring is built in

lnc's Database Monitoring Solutions on AWS

  • Amazon Cloudwatch metrics and alarms

  • Enhanced Monitoring

  • Upload DB Logs to directly to CloudWatch logs

  • Integration with third party monitoring tools

Performance Monitoring Services for Assets on AWS

  • Amazon RDS Performance Insights measures database load over time

  • Easy to identify database bottlenecks

  • Enables problem discovery

  • Adjustable timeframe

  • Available now for Aurora PostgreSQL

lnc Auto Scalable Solutions powered by AWS

  • Scale compute to handle increase load

  • Scale storage for large datasets

  • Scale down to control costs

lnc Solutions for High Availability and Durability

Enterprise grade high availability achieved via Availability Zones. lnc Solutions make your environments fault tolerant across multiple data centers.

  • Automatic Failover

  • Synchronous replication

  • Enabled with one click

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