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Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate Certification Training and Exam AZ-203


Microsoft Azure Developers design, build, test, and maintain cloud solutions, such as applications and services, partnering with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement these solutions.


Training and Exam specifications

0. Azure fundamentals

9H 35M - 12 Online Modules

1. Principles of cloud computing

2. Introduction to Azure

3. Azure architecture and service guarantees

4. Create an Azure account

5. Manage services with Azure portal

6. Azure compute options

7. Azure data storage options 8. Azure networking options

9. Security, responsibility and trust in Azure

10. Apply and monitor infrastructure standards with Azure Policy

11. Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager

12. Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure

1. Create server less applications

6H 15M - 7 Online Modules

1. Choose the appropriate Azure service to integrate and automate business processes

2. Create server less logic with Azure Functions

3. Execute an Azure Function with triggers

4. Chain Azure functions together using input and output bindings

5. Create a long-running server less workflow with Durable Functions

6. Develop, test, and deploy an Azure Function with Visual Studio

7. Monitor GitHub events with an Azure Function triggered by a web hook

2. Work with relational data in Azure

3H 20M - 4 Online Modules

1. Provision an Azure SQL database to store application data

2. Create an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server

3. Scale multiple Azure SQL Databases with SQL elastic pools

4. Secure your Azure SQL Database

3. Deploy a website with Azure virtual machines

4H 18M - 4 Online Modules

1. Introduction to Azure virtual machines

2. Create a Linux virtual machine in Azure

3. Create a Windows virtual machine in Azure

4. Build and run a web application with the MEAN stack on an Azure Linux virtual machine

4. Deploy a website to Azure with Azure App Service

4H 30M - 5 Online Modules

1. Prepare your development environment for Azure development

2. Host a web application with Azure App service

3. Publish a web app to Azure with Visual Studio

4. Stage a web app deployment for testing and rollback by using App Service deployment slots

5. Deploy and run a containerized web app with Azure App Service

5. Secure your cloud data

6H 45M - 8 Online Modules

1. Design for security in Azure

2. Top 5 security items to consider before pushing to production

3. Secure your Azure Storage account

4. Manage secrets in your server apps with Azure Key Vault

5. Authenticate browser-based apps with Azure App Services

6. Secure your Azure resources with conditional access

7. Secure your Azure resources with role-based access control(RBAC)

8. Secure your Azure SQL Database

6. Work with NoSQL data in Azure Cosmos DB

5H 55M - 8 Online Modules

1. Create an Azure Cosmos DB database built to scale

2. Choose the appropriate API for Azure Cosmos DB storage

3. Insert and query data in your Azure Cosmos DB database

4. Store and access graph data in Azure Cosmos DB with the Graph API

5. Store and Access NoSQL Data with Azure Cosmos DB and the Table API

6. Build a .NET Core app for Azure Cosmos DB in Visual Studio Code

7. Optimize the performance of Azure Cosmos DB by using partitioning and indexing strategies

8. Distribute your data globally with Azure Cosmos DB

7. Connect your services together

3H 31M - 4 Online Modules

1. Choose a messaging model in Azure to loosely connect your services

2. Implement message-based communication workflows with Azure Service Bus

3. Communicate between applications with Azure Queue storage

4. Enable reliable messaging for Big Data applications using Azure Event Hubs

8. Store data in Azure

3H 50M - 5 Online Modules

1. Choose a data storage approach in Azure

2. Create an Azure Storage account

3. Connect an app to Azure Storage

4. Secure your Azure Storage account

5. Store application data with Azure Blob storage

9. Manage resources in Azure

4H 15M - 5 Online Modules

1. Align requirements with cloud types and service models in Azure

2. Control Azure services with the CLI

3. Automate Azure tasks using scripts with Power-Shell

4. Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure

5. Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager

10. Extract knowledge and insights from your data with Azure Databricks

4H 21M - 6 Online Modules

1. Introduction to Azure Databricks

2. Read and write data by using Azure Databricks

3. Perform exploratory data analysis with Azure Databricks

4. Train, evaluate, and select machine-learning models with Azure Databricks

5. Deep learning with Azure Databricks

6. Perform text analytics with Azure Databricks

11. Perform data engineering with Azure Databricks

7H 49M – 9 Online Modules

1. Introduction to Azure Databricks

2. Access SQL Data warehouse instances with Azure Databricks

3. Data ingestion with Azure data factory

4. Read and write data using Azure Databricks

5. Perform basic data transformations in Azure Databricks

6. Perform advanced data transformation in Azure Databricks

7. Create data pipelines using Databricks Delta

8. Work with streaming data in Azure Databricks

9. Create data visualizations

12. Introduction to machine learning with Python and Azure Notebooks

2H 11M - 3 Online Modules

1. Analyze climate data with Azure Notebooks

2. Predict flight delays by creating a machine learning model in Python

3. Analyze the sentiment of reviews with Keras


For More Details Contact:

Ph: US: +1 919 4078407, INDIA: +91 7021099377

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