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e-learning tools and technologies

Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Our eLearning tools and technologies are used to improve the quality of content are manifold. Our E-learning tools makes good use of database and CMS (Content Management System) technologies. These two work hand in hand to store your course content, test results and student records.

Online training tool solutions that learners, instructors and admins will love. Available in minutes, free and without installation, multi-platforms (PC, MAC, Smartphone, Tablet,...), zero training, very advanced features in paid versions, start building your courses with our cloud based SAAS LMS solutions.


Very easy to use, we designed it for the pleasure of learning online.


Creating courses and following the progress of your learners is a real pleasure with integrated video conferencing, course simulation, drag & drop.


Administering is simple but at the same time complete: real-time monitoring, dynamic dashboard, reusable elements, course models.

Loadncode LMS solutions allows you to create e-learning content (courses), organize these courses, deliver the content (either internally to your company or to a wider Internet audience), enroll students in courses, and finally, monitor and evaluate their performance (attendance, grades, etc.). This, of course, is a quick description of the features that our LMS solutions offer.


For more details write to : and we will get you in touch with our sales team.

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