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EXIN Specialist in IT Service Management based on ISO/IEC 20000 Training and Certification


IT service management describes the design, delivery, support and improvement of IT related services to support business outcomes. The international standard for IT Service Management, ISO/IEC 20000:2011, makes it clear what is essential: one must define and agree to service requirements, plan resources to meet business outcomes, support service delivery and provide value for the customer and the service provider. The standard is a valuable source of support for those organizations who want to certify their management system against this standard but also for those organizations who just want to implement a lean, common sense, service management system.

The IT Service Management Specialist certificate specifically describes the practical activities and competences of the Specialist-level member of an IT organization. This skill set builds on the foundation knowledge, taking the high-level information gained in the Foundation course and providing additional depth and practical context. The Specialist has a much more ‘global’ view of the standard as well as the daily activities required to maintain or achieve ISO/IEC 20000 implementation. The Expert possesses the competences to provide the necessary guidance and direction for the Specialist activities as well as lead and manage the Service Management program.

The Specialist is strongly focused on the install, plan, do and check activities of Deming’s PDCA cycle and supporting the elements of audit and improvement (act). Of course, all activities would be under the guidance and supervision of the Expert to ensure the outcomes of the work will conform to the organization’s mission and vision as well as to the requirements of the standard.

Bloom level

The EXIN IT Service Management Specialist based on ISO/IEC 20000 certification tests candidates at Bloom Level 3 and Level 4 according to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy:

  • Bloom Level 3: Application – solve problems in new situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different, or new way. This can include choosing appropriate actions or identifying a range of options.

  • Bloom Level 4: Analysis – examine and break information into parts by identifying motives or causes. Make inferences and find evidence to support generalizations

Training and Exam specifications

1 Planning the provision of services

1.1 Plan the service management system (SMS) Using the PDCA cycle,

The candidate can…

1.1.1 plan and document, at a high-level, a SMS.

1.1.2 plan and document the documentation management system.

1.1.3 plan and document the alignment of the SMS to support the business processes.

1.1.4 plan and document process governance across the SMS.

1.2 Plan the design and transition of new or changed services

The candidate can…

1.2.1 plan and document, at a high-level, appropriate service improvement activities

(requirements gathering, design and transition).

1.3 Plan the service management processes

The candidate can…

1.3.1 plan and document activities of the Service delivery processes.

1.3.2 plan and document activities of the Relationship processes.

1.3.3 plan and document activities of the Resolution processes.

1.3.4 plan and document activities of the Control processes.

1.4 Plan roles and responsibilities

The candidate can…

1.4.1 define roles within the SMS including design and transition activities and

associated processes.

1.4.2 define skills and competencies for all SMS roles.

2 Managing the provision of services

2.1 Define and implement policies and objectives

The candidate can…

2.1.1 create, document and maintain agreed policies, including risks, and objectives

across the SMS.

2.1.2 create the communication plan for the policies and objectives.

2.2 Manage the service management processes

The candidate can…

2.2.1 implement and maintain Service Delivery processes.

2.2.2 implement and maintain Relationship processes.

2.2.3 implement and maintain Resolution processes.

2.2.4 implement and maintain Control processes.

2.3 Maintain the SMS

The candidate can…

2.3.1 maintain currency of role definitions and competencies.

2.3.2 maintain the documentation management system.

2.3.3 maintain the alignment of the SMS to support the business processes.

2.3.4 maintain process governance across the SMS.

3 Measuring, monitoring and reporting on the provision of services

3.1 Measure, monitor and report on service performance

The candidate can…

3.1.1 capture, assess and analyze agreed performance targets.

3.1.2 produce agreed service reports.

3.1.3 monitor and report on risks across the SMS.

3.2 Measure, monitor and report on the SMS

The candidate can…

3.2.1 contribute to the internal audit program.

3.2.2 contribute to the management review of the SMS including data gathering.

3.2.3 contribute to the review of the governance controls across the SMS.

3.3 Measure, monitor and report on service management processes

The candidate can…

3.3.1 measure, monitor and report on Service Delivery processes .

3.3.2 measure, monitor and report on Relationship processes.

3.3.3 measure, monitor and report on Resolution processes.

3.3.4 measure, monitor and report on Control processes.

4 Improving the provision of services

4.1 Define Improvements

The candidate can…

4.1.1 contribute to the identification of non-conformities.

4.1.2 contribute to continual improvement activities across the SMS


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