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EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Training and Certification

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Training and Certification

Target group

This Cloud Computing Foundation certification is ideal for professionals who have a role or interest in the use and management of internet-based services. This includes management positions, service provider staff and IT administrators and service managers.

Course Specification

1. The principles of Cloud Computing

1.1. The concept of Cloud Computing

1.2. The evolution towards Cloud Computing

1.3. Cloud Computing architectures

1.4. Drivers and Limitations of Cloud Computing

2. Implementing and Managing Cloud Computing

2.1. Building local cloud Environment

2.2. Managing Cloud services

3. Using the Cloud

3.1. Accessing the cloud

3.2. Cloud and the Business Processes

3.3. Service Providers and the Cloud

4. Security and Compliance

4.1. Securing your cloud Environment

4.2. Identity and Privacy

5. Evaluation of Cloud Computing

5.1. The Business Case

5.2. Evaluating Implementation


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